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Founder Stories

Inspirational stories of Founders scaling their startups with a global, liquid workforce — proving that one small drop can make a ripple.

Liquid Growth Stories: Brynne Caleda, CEO of Yoga Ed.

Liquid Growth Stories: Yoga Ed.

CEO Brynne Caleda of Yoga Ed. shares her experiences empowering children, growing a startup, and working with a blended workforce
Liquid Founder Stories: Mark Herschberg, The Career Toolkit

Liquid Founder Stories: Career Toolkit

Author Mark Herschberg of The Career Toolkit shares advice and tips to successfully hire and work with freelancers and contractors.

Liquid Founder Stories: Homebuyer

Founder and CEO Dan Green of Homebuyer shares his advice for flexing your workforce with freelancers, contractors, and vendors.
Liquid Founder Stories: Abigail Opiah, Founder of Yeluchi by Un-Ruly

Liquid Founder Stories: Yeluchi By Un-Ruly

Co-Founder Abigail Opiah of Yeluchi By Un-ruly shares her experiences growing a startup and why liquid workers are essential for her company.
Liquid Founder Stories: Jordan Walker, Yac Co-Founder -- A liquid workforce has helped us scale since day 1.

Liquid Founder Stories: Yac

Co-Founder Jordan Walker of Yac shares advice and lessons learned on building a startup by relying on a liquid workforce.
Liquid Founder Stories: Shuai Chen, Gr8er Good Games Founder recommends using freelancers

Liquid Founder Stories: Gr8er Good Games

Founder and Chief Puzzle Officer Shuai Chen of Gr8er Good Games shares her advice on starting a company, building connections, and growing with a liquid…
Liquid Founder Stories: Elizabeth Black, Bee Bilingual Founder recommends using freelancers

Liquid Founder Stories: Bee Bilingual

Founder Elizabeth Black of Bee Bilingual shares her advice for starting a business and how the liquid workforce has helped her company grow.
Liquid Founder Stories: Puja Balachander, Devie Founder recommends using freelancers

Liquid Founder Stories: Devie

Founder Puja Balachander of Devie shares her tips for working with freelancers and how she has built a social enterprise.
Liquid Founder Story: Swiminista

Liquid Founder Stories: Swiminista

Founder and CEO Andréa Bernholtz of Swiminista shares her secrets for successfully balancing business and life, and how working with freelancers/contractors allows her to move…
Savage Wellness: Activating a Liquid Workforce

Liquid Founder Stories: Savage Wellness

Shannon Shearn of Savage Wellness shares her secrets to growing a startup, balancing business and life, and working with freelancers and contractors.

Liquid Spotlights are case studies and stories from companies and startups using Liquid to scale their businesses. We also feature inspiring interviews with founders. We interview startup founders, experienced founders, CEOs of family businesses, and executives at companies and startups at various stages of growth.

You’ll learn what they wished they knew when they were just starting out, and about how they used the liquid workforce to scale their companies.

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